• Monstrous Mugs

    The perfect way to enjoy your mourning or to warm up your cold bones during the midnight hour.

  • Terrifying Totes

    Creepy cute totes from Mrs. Newlydeads wicked brain.

  • Putrefied Prints

    Here lies all of our prints, ready to be hung from the rafters.

  • Spooky Stickers

    Slap these baby's on your car, coffin, computer or corpse.

  • Ghoulish Gifts and Cards

    Check out our selection of fun cards and wrapping paper for all different occasions.

  • Creepy Clothing

    We are adding new designs all the time! Check out our creepy, cute, spooky, and fun designs.


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Hand drawn, hand burned, custom pyrography pieces are available! Please click the link below for more information on ordering a custom piece!

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